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India, the land of contrasts with extremes so different, it is very difficult and unfair to describe it in a single sentence. From Hills of Kashmir to the the southern most tip of Kanyakumari, India brings out a variety so diverse, one cannot help but find a place like home somewhere along the road. With my blog, I hope you perceive this spectrum well enough to find yours as well. Being one of the earliest Civilizations, as old as 2600 B.C. India developed an interesting pallet of art, culture, science and economic innovations. We cherish the art of language and dialects with over 66 different scripts and 780 varied languages (as per People’s Linguistic Survey of India). India also has 21 official languages including Hindi and English, with English being the second most widely spoken second language in India.

C.V. Raman
Ben Kingsley

It is home to a multicultural background where people are receiving first class education and has established its name in terms of its relations with other countries as well as holding the title of the largest democracy in the world. From Bollywood to Science, whether it has been Ben Kingsley or C.V. Raman, India has always proven to be a nation that has shone and believed in new discoveries and inventiveness. From being the world’s largest producer of milk to being a place where diamonds were first mined, India has never failed to make us proud as a nation. From our food to our clothes, everything is extraordinary about us!

I hope that my blog will provide you with interesting facts about my nation and will give you an insight to what India is and how the 29 states that we have hold different and significant meanings.

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