Philosophy of Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine is famous for its variety of ingredients, spices and unique methods of cooking. Indian food has dominance of vegetarian preparations, which is owing to the religious strictures practiced by the population of the subcontinent. Indian foods have remained comparatively insulated from the forces of invisible hands of globalization which have swayed cuisines world over towards high preservatives, salt and sugar content for easy preparations (ready to eat).

Roti (Indian wheat bread)

The long gestation time is unique for Indian foods across the country which is done in a mixture of spices, ingredients in a base of cream, water which is seen in many Indian preparation, colloquially called curry. The staple diet is spread across a balance of nutrients having Roti (Indian wheat bread) and Rice having carbohydrate preparation, Dal (Pulse dish), vegetables and followed by a sweet dish or a beverage. The actual preparation again here is dictated by season and occasion. The broad generalization here is not possible here as the multiplicity of religions, ethnicity, regions and reason of historical nature.


Masala Chai

The diversity in Indian beverages is as vibrant as its mainstream cuisine. India being the largest producer of tea has around 12000 varieties alone! The culture of community serving is core to the Indian customs as seen in many households dining together. The food is treated as divine as even Temples in India bestow devotees with prasad (sweet) which is a blessing of Deity and having community kitchens (langar) as their duty to serve free food to all. The Indian saying of foods and language changing every 10 mile seems legit.


12 thoughts on “Philosophy of Indian Cuisine

  1. Indian food is definitely my favourite because of the wide variety and, of course, the spice! It’s interesting to learn a bit more about the culture behind it, like how you mention a lot of Indian food is vegetable based because of the religion practiced. Do you have any local recommendations of where to get Indian food? I’m craving it now! 🙂

  2. Awesome read! Now that I have been cooking meals for myself I have been exploring what the world’s many cultures have to offer. I can’t wait to attempt my first curry dish.

  3. Importance of food in Indian culture is immense. And obviously, it’s spices. Because of the Spices, Indian food has become so famous among people globally. I like Indian food lot.. Great post..

  4. Great source to tell about Indian cuisine and the spices they used to make food. People love to eat Dal but they don’t know how much spices it takes to make it. Nice blog.

  5. Sounds delicious! I want to keep exploring different dishes, what are some other foods you would also recommend trying?

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